Arie Almog 


Arie Almog has been a design artist for the past thirty years.

For the past 15 years, Almog has created unique ornamental fish ponds, layered fountains for home and garden, fountains and environmental sculptures in city gardens, interesting walls.

Arie Almog combines his knowledge of design and sculpting with extensive technical knowledge in order to implement his works from the planning stage to the final work and satisfy his client. 

Almog works together with architects, owners of public and private buildings, contractors and gardeners.



Born in 1952, I have enjoyed playing with materials and building various objects since childhood. I turned this love into a profession at the beginning of the eighties’ when I developed a business designing and building furniture from various materials, and worked primarily with leading Israeli stores. 

Since the mid-nineties’, I have designed and constructed fountains out of my love of nature, combining inanimate materials and water in motion, beginning with small homemade fountains (Feng Shui) and in time, ornamental fish ponds, fountains and sculptures, in both public and private spaces.

I acquired my knowledge through working in various fields, curiosity leading me to discover shapes, colors, and materials.



“Being attuned to the aspirations and dreams of my clients, and to create a unique environment for them based on an aesthetic experience that combines elements of water, nature and art”.

Design, planning and building fountains, fish ponds and landscapes

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Arie Almog

When Art and Nature meet


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